Eastern Division - Carthage Sub - Joplin Branch Industry Schematics

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    Attached Schematics include:
    Webb City, Joplin, Old Rock, Galena, Horn, Riverton, Hawley

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    These old drawings can be difficult to follow because of how the trackage gets chopped up into multiple pages, and flipping back and forth to reference industry numbers can be tedious too, so I spent some time on google earth the past couple days and made made a google maps overlay based on this schematic. I started with Joplin because its small when compared to the more major terminals, and I'm fairly familiar with it. I will consider working up other terminals in the future though.
    Some spurs and industries are a best guess on location, and a couple I couldn't locate at all.
    Let me know if you have any questions, or requests for other terminal schematics to be drawn up in google earth.

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