Diagram 479-484 Class 4-6-0

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    These 6 locomotives were built for the StLB&M during August 1910 as that road's 38-43. They were a hand-written notation in the 1907 roster. The locomotives appear to have been delivered as oil burners with Vanderbuilt tenders. The tenders carried 3000 gallons of oil. By 1915, they had been converted to coal and carried a new tender. See Stagner, page 5 for a builder’s photo of 484. See also http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/frisco-4-6-0-engines-443-601.654/#post-83162 for Robert Thomas’s image of 480.

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    What's the idea behind converting from oil to coal so early in its life?
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    “That is what we got in Texas” is my guess.
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