Damaged Six Axle unit in Archive photo

Discussion in 'Diesel General' started by klrwhizkid, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Totally going from memory from a long time ago..... I thought 909 and 926 were involved in an accident at Turner Station during that time. At one time, I had a photograph of a wrecked 909 without its long hood and without its prime mover on a train in Lebanon on its way to be scrapped. When I was a kid, I asked Charlie Dischinger about 909, and he called it something like a demon/devil locomotive because it killed some folks.

    I'll try to find the picture of 909.
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  4. klrwhizkid

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    Looking at photos of the wrecked #926 from http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/926.1182/ the cab was not removed by the wreck and the right front frame was not damaged as in the archive picture http://frisco.org/mainline/wp-conte...ouri-on-February-25-1978-J.-Harlen-Wilson.jpg.
    So the unit I am calling attention to can't be 926 from the wreck in 1977, however it could possibly be 926 from the wreck at Ravenden, AR on 1-18-78 because the timeline would fit. We just haven't seen any photos from that wreck to be sure.
  5. William Jackson

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    I worked that derailment Turners. The news paper shot photo's, I used to have copies but they still might have them. Mine kinda stuck togather over time, should have done something when I packed them. But you know us unprofessional photographers.
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    If I heard right the one at Turner was one the largest on Frisco in regards to how many went on the ground, scattered 2/3's of the train...I was told it occurred between the HWY 63 overpass (WS Jct.) & Sunshine St., Is that correct??? Roger
  7. William Jackson

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    Roger, their was a couple of bad ones down their. If you know where Oak Knoll subdivision is, the Billy Goat Cut derailment was right behind the subdivision. I worked that one 36 hours and then came back for 12 more hours. I was shot, the roadbed was completely gone and I had to rebuild it.
    The second one was in the dead of winter, thinking December and man it WAS cold. It was closer to turners, thinking on south of turners. I built roadbed for that one and cut a trail for the cat pack to get there, being's their was a river bed, I had to take part of the shoulder and some of the rock bed to make pads for the pack to set up on. Not too sure how many hours on that one. I wish I could tell you the exact location, but everything is hurry up, at a derailment. Other than just working not much else matters. I just loved to work derailments, it's in your blood.

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