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Discussion in 'N Scale' started by JZesch, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. JZesch

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    While searching for available N scale Frisco items that I don't have, I came across one web site that listed Evans 100 ton coil cars for Frisco made by Red Caboose. The site was Pacific Western Rail Systems ( out of Canada. The site said the coil cars were available in 2005 and of course the site says all sold out. The site listed 3 different 3-packs and one single car. This web site is the only one I have seen these coil cars listed on. Did these exist? Did Red Caboose make coil cars lettered for the Frisco?
  2. Joe Lovett

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    Not that I know of Jeff. If they were manufactured it would be news to me. Maybe Paul Bender could answer.

    Edit: Do you know the road numbers, if so let me know and I will check my matrix.

  3. pensive

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  4. JZesch

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    Thanks. It was just that PWRS listed N scale coil cars on their site. I guess they were assuming that N scale would be produced also.
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  5. pbender

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    Red caboose actually was not merged into intermountain.

    I believe Atlas ended up with the O scale line. The HO scale line may have gone to Intermountain.

    I believe the N-scale line was purchased by Fox Valley Models.

    That said, there has never been an N-scale Coil car produced for the Frisco as far as I know.

  6. Joe Lovett

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    Athearn did release N scale gondola cars with a coil load. That may be the one you are thinking about.

  7. JZesch

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    No. I know and have the Athearn car. If you go and do a search for Frisco under N scale, it has 5 listings for Red Caboose coil cars. It even has a picture of one. They are pictured as box car red with the coil covers. It is numbered something like SL-SF 69050. That is where I got the idea that there might be Red Caboose Frisco coil cars. But from what everyone says here, they never existed.
  8. Joe Lovett

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    I see what you are talking about on the website you mentioned. As far as I know they were never released. After a search, found the Red Caboose was sold to Fox Valley Models and there is no reference to Frisco coil cars or Red Caboose on their website.

    Sorry Jeff.

  9. JZesch

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    No problems. I just want to try and document all possible N scale releases. If they never existed, then I don't have to worry about them. By the way, Joe, I am using your master list as a template and just updating from there. The work on that list by you has been tremendous.
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  10. Joe Lovett

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    I need to update the matrix and post it. MicroTrains has released a couple of SW1500's and a caboose that are not on the matrix yet. They are on eBay currently. Are there any other released models that you know of?

  11. JZesch

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    There are the tri-level auto racks from Athearn, among others. I will email you a copy of the roster I have been updating and you can compare that to what you have. It won't be until I get back to Boston though.
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  12. jmoore16

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    Also 2 new yellow transfer cabooses from Bluford...

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