Coaling Tower at Monett, MO

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    Attached is a photo of a steel tower near the Monett yard. It looks like a coaling tower but the outer surface of the tower is made of steel plates. I was under the impression that the Frisco used concrete for coaling towers.

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    Thank you for adding this interesting photograph to this site.

    Unfortunately you did not provide a more specific location reference. Researching satellite maps and street views it appears to be the one located at 711 East Front Street. Please see,222.46,,0,5

    This is an industrial structure that was used as a grain storage silo. This was not a railroad property or coaling tower. In 1949 it was part of the former Whitlock & Lines Milling Company at 711 - 723 East Front Street.

    The silo is iron plate construction and stands 45' tall. The photograph is of the east side of the silo. The vertical rust colored band is where the former enclosed elevator lift mechanism attached. This in turn lead to the overhead horizontal gallery (note the open end) with conveyors for dumping into the top of the silo.

    The grain storage silo and mill had a capacity of 30,000 bushels. This facility was a flour and feed mill, elevator and warehouse. Note the adjoining building foundation in the Google Maps street view. This is a great resource for establishing building dimensions if one intends to model the area.

    This is a good addition to this site as it includes interesting detail for an industry once served by the Frisco. The railroad's industry spur was on the south side of the mill. The Mill sat on the north side of Monett Yard, east of the depot. Hopefully someone will be able to contribute photographs of the entire complex before the mill portion was removed.

    The same company operated a smaller warehouse and mill just to the west at 601 - 613 E. Front St. At 617 they had a cement storage shed. Just to the south, across the railroad industry spur there was an open sided berry shipping shed. Each of these industries was also served by the railroad.

    In 1929 the metal silo was part of the smaller Myer Milling Company at 711 Front St. By 1949 the complex had been expanded and combined with the Rea-Patterson Milling Company and Elevator at 715 - 723 E. Front St. The latter also included a small coal yard, typical for home heating at the time.

    In 1917 the facility was called John F. Myer and Sons. The silo itself is noted as having a capacity of 20,000 bushels. The facility to the west at this time was the Langenberg Milling Company. Also the facilities in the 600 block was operated by the Lemp Brewing Company (601 - 609 E. Front St.) and Anheuser Busch Brewing Association (617 - 623 E. Front St.). Looks like prohibition may have impacted the operations and changed the nature of the business at those locations.

    In 1910 the facility was also John F. Myer & Sons. At this time the facility to the west was the R. C. Stone Milling Company. The breweries still operated to the east. The 1902 maps indicate the iron silo was not yet constructed. However, the early wood elevator on the site was operated by the Brinson Judd Grain Company. To the east were Lemps and Anheuser Busch and there was no mill to the west.

    This research helps us establish the built date of the remaining iron silo to between September 1902 and February 1910. Therefore you have captured a piece of history that is over a century old. It would be great if you could photograph the facility form other angles and sides for reference. A few measurements, including diameter and related foundations, would also be helpful. Also, it would be helpful if someone could post the industry schematics for the Frisco in Monett.

    Kelly Creek runs on the north side in this area of Front Street. The bulk of the information is based on research from the city Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thank you the for helpful and comprehensive explanation.
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    Superb explanation, Mark.

    The 1917 Sanborn Map of Monett from the MU Digital Library shows the "grain tank" along with the adjacent facilities and the track arrangements for that period. It can be foudn in the lower left-hand corner of the following map:;viewid=SANBORN3623.JPG;start=1;resnum=14

    Hard copy or microfilmed Sanborn maps from later years could probably be found in the "Special Collections" room of Ellis Library on the MU Campus.

    Best Regards,

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