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    This YouTube video is new to me.
    Only shows 18 views as of Thursday, August 23, 2018.
    Frisco Railroad's Class 1018 (slideshow, 5 min 39 sec)

    Posted by "KD", location Australia.
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    This video posted May 24, 2018

    The beginning is deceiving. Photos begin about 45 seconds in.
    Locomotives shown: 1010, 1018, 1020, 1026, 1031
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    George, make that 20 views, I watched it twice!!! Great video, I'm going to watch the second video next. Will definitely keep the link for future reference. Thank you George for posting.

  3. pensive

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    According to Joe Collias's Frisco Power, page 123, three Pacific's, Nos. 1018, 1026 & 1031 received the "Firefly" streamline treatment.

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  4. meteor910

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    I noticed at least two of the locomotives appeared in a few pics with a Delta trailing truck replacing the Cole truck. Anybody know what that happened?
  5. frisco1522

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    1029,1031 and 1039 received Delta trucks for some reason. May have been experimenting or repairing damage. I'm in the process of making a Sunset 4-6-2 into the 1039 right now. I like the looks of it. Wish I could find some better pix that what I have.
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