Can anyone give me some feedback on my plan?

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    As a modeler, I am a sucker for realism, So after reading Pelle soerborgs Article in Model Railroader, I have made the switch to Sergent couplers on all of my rollingstock and engines. the order has been placed and will arrive by wednesday. these couplers look more realistic that the traditional Kadees and operate about the same as the real thing. Can anyone shed some light as to whether this is a wide decision or a not-so-wise decision. On the upside as far as look, if I add air hoses to all of my cars and engines, the look is going to be very prototypically awesome. Which in respect to Photographing my layout as it progresses, THE FRISCO in HO SCALE HAS NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!!:D|-||-||-||-|
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    WOW, I never knew these existed, might be something i will have to add later to really set things into motion!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the link, Like they say, Learn something new everyday!!!
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    Ethan drew these to our attention quite some time ago. There is another thread here on this product.

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