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    Hello, I wondered if someone might be able to answer a couple questions. I am about to start on a couple of the AMB wood caboose kits; the instructions indicate the kit is appropriate for cabooses 41 – 119. Additionally, the instructions state the kit has parts to modify the caboose to match various cabooses in the 207 – 940 series. However, I have seen pictures of wood cabooses not in either of these ranges (121, 129, 132, 151, to name a few), but I have not seen any real information on these cabooses (only bits and pieces, such as statements that the 129 was constructed in Springfield in the fall of 1946). I have seen a diagram book of Frisco cabooses from 1906-1969, and even here there is no mention of these cabooses.

    The AMB kit instructions say that the 41-119 group of cabooses was “the most modern” until the 200 series steel cabooses of 1957 arrived. Many of the pictures of these mysterious cabooses pre-date the 1968 general caboose renumbering, and this numbering does not fit into the new numbers anyway so I don’t think these are simply new numbers (although I certainly don’t know that for certain).

    So my questions are: 1.) what is the story of these cabooses, where did they come from, when, how many were there, what were there numbers, and 2.) is this kit appropriate for any of those cabooses? I particularly would like to model 151, and I don’t see any obvious differences, but are there any?
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    Yes, sorry, I meant to mention I have looked through these forums without finding the information I'm seeking. Thanks, Bob, I did look through the diagram booklet, but I can't find anything in reference to these cabooses; the closest I see is a brief diagram specifying there were cabooses in the 110-945 series between 1929 and 1932, but nothing specific about them, and these would be older than what I believe the cabooses I'm referring to are. And thanks Keith, but I had also seen the thread on the 129 which is where I got the indication it was built in 1946. Looking at the 1963 picture of it in service, it certainly appears to have been numbered "129" at its most recent painting, but unless it got repainted sometime between '46 and '63, that would seem to have been its original number. But how often were cabooses repainted back then? Could it have been renumbered from something else? I have never seen or heard of anything to lead me to believe that ever happened.
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