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    Caboose SLSF #801

    My wife and I purched this caboose from Robert Read owner of the Cimmiron Valley Railroad Museum Cushing Oklahoma back in 2006. It was donated to Mr. Read some 30 years ago by Frontier City amuesment park in Oklahoma City. Mr. Read believes the #801 to be correct. As you can see it was in need of major repair. It took us over a year to get it move just 2 miles down the street from the mueseum so I began work on it while we were waiting for the move. I have done all the work myself so I am very proud of this caboose. It now has new siding and insulation on both long sides including new window framing. It has a new "mule skin" roof that is why it is white. I haven't painted it yet. The new siding is installed with screws instead of nails so this puppy will be around for a long time. We plan to keep it orginal as possable and make it a little museum for people to see. If anyone would like to see how we moved it I would be happy to add the photos of the move also. Hope you like the photos.

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    Re: 001-999

    :) You have done an awsome job so far!!! Keep going. I can not wait to see it finished. And by all means post your moving photos

    Take care, Paul
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    I don't know how many times a caboose has been move like this but it was not that hard to do if you have the right trucking co. All we did was lay tracks on gage on this traylor bed and secure it down then we built transition tracks from the tracks under caboose to the tracks on the traylor and rolled it up on the traylor tied it down and reversed the process at the new location. The worst problem we had was the heat and the forcast of rain. After we got it loaded we were going to move it the next day but decided to move it the same day. Well it rained like hell over night and if we hadn't move it it might sill be there. It was a hot muddy mess the next morning but we got it off. It started raining very heavy not 10 min. after the truck left our property or it might still be there. All's well that ends well.

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    Re: 001-999

    Hey Tracktime

    If you do not mind me asking - in round about dollars - what would moving and redoing a caboose set one back?:)
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    The Caboose itself usually cost anywhere from $7,000 to $16,000 dollars. Then you need a crane to move the car onto a flat bed truck. which can cost around $2,000. You then need to have track laid on your property which includes Level graded land, Ballast, ties, tie plates, spikes, and of course rails. Most times to save money depending on the lenght and location of the trip you can fix the car to get it rail worthy. and haul it behing a train for a heafty cost depending on how many interchages and flat RR prices you encounter. But the problem is with the railroad being away from the property you agian need the crane to unload and load. the caboose from the rails to a flatbed truck. You will also have to secure permits from all the cities and the state the caboose will travel through. I have always wanted a real Frisco caboose but my family dosent have the money. I would really settle for a exact replica for around $2000 and it comes as a kit so you dont need a crane to lift a complete car you just build it up on the tracks you lay out.
    Hope this Helps,

    :)Murphy Millican
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    Re: 001-999

    Our caboose was located only 2 miles from our home, however finding the right moving co. with the right rig was a 1 year project. We did not use a crane at all. The truck we used was perfect because of its bed height was only about two feet off ground. We laid track on the bed of the truck and built transition rail (30 ft.) from the end of the track where the caboose sat to the rail on the bed of the truck and just rolled it up. We reversed the process when we got it lined up at our home location. I had already layed track prior to moving. No cranes needed. This can be done this way without cranes which are very expensive to use if you have the right type of truck bed. The move cost us just under $4,000. I would have been around 6 to 8 thousand using cranes. Ive spent about 3 thousand for restoration so far. This because I have replaced all the long side siding and installed insulation plus I installed a canvas roof (mule skin) over the existing roof so I saved a bunch on the roof. I also had to rebuild two sides of the cupula. I have not done much with the inside yet and still need to install the front and back hardware (ladders and deck). Im thinking it will cost another 800 to a thousand to finish. If anyone needs a trucking company to move on like this Blue Diamond Trucking out of Tulsa Oklahoma is the one to use. The still have the rails they used to move ours for futher moves like this. Hope this helps some.
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    Please see the following link for a view of Frisco caboose SLSF 801.

    This is one of the wood side cabooses with a cupola that featured sloped sides and small end windows. This work in progress photo shows the car sans end steps, railings, ladders and other hardware.

    This caboose was originally located at the Frontier City amusement park in Oklahoma City. In the 1970's it was donated and moved to the Cimarron Valley Railroad Museum in Cushing, OK. It was subsequently resold in 2006 to a local individual and relocated 2 miles down the street.

    It is currently undergoing extensive repair and painting to restore it to its original appearance. The caboose is currently located at a private residence. Additional information on the relocation and rebuilding project is available at the following link. Please see

    The address is 228 South Kings Highway (a/k/a N3490 Road), Cushing, OK 74023-3758.

    Please see,-96.785173&spn=0.00922,0.016544&t=h&z=16.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi Mark,
    Here is a new pic of caboose just taken in April 2011 will send more later. Still need some work on inside.

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