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  1. JamesP

    JamesP James Pekarek

    Here are a few pictures of SLSF Caboose #56, which is located near Northview, Missouri. This caboose is privately owned, but the owner was gracious to allow us to post these pictures on this forum for the benefit of the members. The pictures were taken by my friend Van Revell, who retains his rights to the pictures, but gave me permission to post on this forum... I certainly want to extend my thanks to both gentlemen. I believe that these were taken in January of 2011. (Edit - they obviously were not taken in January... I think they were taken sometime last year).

    HPIM1840.jpg HPIM1841.jpg HPIM1842.jpg HPIM1843.jpg HPIM1844.jpg HPIM1845.jpg HPIM1846.jpg
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  2. mark

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    Many thanks to you and Van for helping to fill another hole in our quest to document Frisco cabooses

    This was an interesting joint venture over a year in the making. Keith Robinson helped with field research over a year ago. He used some basic directions to locate the specific site of this cabooses.

    He then contacted James who knows the property owner. James in turn helped make the contact and obtain the photographer. This is another great example of Frisco Folks working together to get the job done.

    Hope this helps.


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  3. Peddling Joe

    Peddling Joe Frisco Employee

    JamesP has kindly donated/loaned/given? his caboose #56 model toThe Railroad Historical Museum, in Springfield, MO.

    James has displayed it at various locations including the trade shows in Springfield. (in addition to his Northview & Frisco RR)

    We are honored to have this on display. Of interest to me is the additional information about the original Caboose #56, still at the location it has been for several years. The information indicates the original #56 was a proto-type caboose and a number of additional units were built during WWII.

    Pictures of the model at the new location will be provided later.

  4. windmillbill

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    Well, here goes. I am a new subscriber and trying to post (ask) a question about a wooden caboose that I am restoring. My caboose is a drop dead ringer to the caboose shown in this thread. Where would I look to get the number of my caboose? As I understand it it came from Oklahoma. I acquired it from an owner near Visalia, CA. It does not have the trucks. It does have couplers.

    SAFN SAAP Member

    Good news for you caboose folks, At the present time, I have the 3-window caboose decal being made. To insure total accuracy, I went back to the ORER (Official Railway Equipment Register) and these cabooses show up in the 1901 edition. The numbers assigned to the cars were 219-414. The decal being produced will give you 219, 235, 306, 397, and 414 already printed for you. Additional single digits will be provided so you can change the number if you wish. The caboose is marked: ST. L. & S.F. and has the Frisco System coonskin. There is no "Ship it" on the car as this is before that motto was incorporated onto the cabooses. Letting is taken directly off the caboose diagrams. ETA is shortly.
  6. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Perfect timing! I'm about to begin a wood AMB Frisco caboose kit. Thanks for your endeavors.
  7. JamesP

    JamesP James Pekarek

    Hi guys... Just a quick response for a couple of different things that have shown up on this thread:

    First, WindMillBill - Welcome! Any chance we can see some pictures of the caboose you are restoring? I'm afraid I can't be of any help on determining the number of the caboose, other than by careful removal/examination of the old paint layers, assuming it still has paint. Hopefully others that are more knowledgeable will be able to tell us where to find any permanent identification on the frame or other parts of the caboose. Anyone?

    Second, Manny - Very cool that you are getting decals made! You are correct that the in the time period they would not have the "Ship it on the Frisco" tagline.

    Since this was posted on the Caboose #56 thread, I would like to add a bit of clarification about the decals and the #41- #99 series of Frisco cabooses (cabeese?). The #41 - #99 series was built from 1941 - 1946, and has quite a few differences from the #219 - #414 turn of the century cabooses, which are the ones for which Manny has commissioned the decals. Therefore, those numbers would not be accurate on this series of Frisco 3 window caboose... just in case those things bother anyone... ;) The decals will look great on the older style of Frisco 3 window caboose with truss rods!

    The #41 - #99 series also did not have the "Ship it on the Frisco" motto as built. The paint scheme as shown on #56 would not be entirely correct for the timeframe when it was built, although it may appeared that way in it's later years of service.

    - James
  8. windmillbill

    windmillbill Member

    Thank you. Trying to send at least 1 photo.
    Will send a few more showing restoration activities when I can find them!

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