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    Please see the following links for views of Frisco caboose SLSF 1438. (interior at cupola)

    This is one of the Frisco built extended or wide vision cabooses intended for local service. This caboose was built during 6/1976. Its main car body was constructed from a Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcar, SLSF 18481. The Springfield West Car Shops lowered the overall height, fabricated a new cupola, added new ends and other caboose fittings as appropriate.

    In the interior view note the captain's style chair in the center of the cupola. This chair could be rotated to turn and face the direction of travel for viewing the train ahead. The 1400 and 1700 series cabooses used this style chair due to the centered cupola side windows that opened towards the end of the car. The lower seat cushion is missing and the back rest cushion is in need of repair.

    This is in contrast to the 1200 (former 200) series extended or wide vision cabooses. On these cars the cupola side windows opened toward the center of the cupola. As a result, on these cars the cupola was fitted with 2 fixed seats that faced one another on either side of the car with their backs to the cupola end walls.

    This is one of the cars reportedly not repainted in that successor line's colors prior to retirement. Unfortunately, today the car has been repainted green, with yellow ends and has a herald. On its sides and cupola ends it does not have the other line's reporting marks or number.

    The caboose is located in west central Minnesota, north of I-94, at the Runestone Museum. The caboose sits on the north side, adjacent to a museum building. The museum is just south of Lake Agnes, 2 blocks east of Lake Winona and northwest of the downtown area. Please see

    The address is 206 Broadway St., Alexandria, MN.

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