Boxcar Red?

Discussion in 'Freight Equipment' started by Boomer John, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Boomer John

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    I am starting the process of painting my Frisco fleet; 1 PS1 (Kadee), 3 AAR (Red Caboose) and 1 outside braced (Tichy).
    I also have two AMB cabooses to build and paint. An earlier post mentioned Duplicolor Sandable Primer was a perfect match for Frisco boxcars and cabooses. Can someone confirm this. I bought a can and it goes on really well and drys fast. But it looks a little too light to me, expecially when compared to some of my borrowed cars from Rick M. This certainly would be an easy way out instead of hooking up the airbursh and unclogging it multiple times. I know real cars have the issue of fade, etc. and I am also a "close enough" modeler. So, is Duplicolor reallly "close enough".

  2. Jim James

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    I am no expert and I'm certainly no rivet counter but I would suggest using it and adjust your tones by various weathering techniques. But I must admit that I use more of an artist's eye when modeling as opposed to exact replication in miniature. By the way, John, thanks for your kind comment on your other thread.

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