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  1. I am preparing to model two cars each from the 9500-14 series and the 9300-14 series. Where I need the help is the following: Does anyone have shots of both series? The pictures I have found online ( and are not enough detail for what I need. I also could use some advice as to the right stirrup step for these cars. Am I also correct that the Microscale set 87-149 would be the correct set for lettering these cars? Thank you for any assistance that can be provided.
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    You already have the images that I have found in the past. I will defer to others for more information.
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    Both the 9300 and 9500 series are represented in Nicholas Molo's Frisco/Katy Color Guide to Freight Equipment. At the bottom of page 75 there is a photo of SLSF 9307 built in 1975 by Pullman-Standard. Two examples of the 9500 series appear on page 82, SLSF 9502 in original paint and SLSF 9513 in a repainted version; both built by Pullman-Standard in 1968. The photographs show less detail but are in color. Both seem to be painted a toned down yellow, more of an ochre.

    In regards to decals, Microscale 87-137 would be a more accurate choice for the 9300's. The herald doesn't have the white backgound that Microscale 87-149 has. For the 9500's, the spelled out FRISCO could be gotten from several covered hopper sets available.

    As far as I'm aware, there are no models out there that closely resemble these 60' prototypes.

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  4. What I have are a pair each of the old Roundhouse shells that were marketed in those schemes. (Sounds as if they aren't anywhere near accurate and that I'd be looking at a kitbashing project. Wouldn't be anything new though.)
    As for the decals, I was originally looking for just renumbering the car but seeing as how the cars aren't accurate, I would need the full sets. Would the 149 have the correct dimensional data for the 9500 cars?
    In your opinion, what stirrup steps would be the best to model the prototype ones, if you know. The shells don't have them and the underframes I'm subbing don't either.
    Given that I'd be repainting cars, what color would be the best? (I brush paint so I would like either a Humbrol mix or a Model Master mix that I might be able to scrounge.)
    Thank you for your assistance.
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    Microscale set 87-149 has dimensional data for 40' and 50' cars.

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  6. Looks like the A-line type C is pretty close.
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  7. I talked to my local library on Monday about gettting me either the book or copies of those pages.

    Would you happen to have any idea of what color of paint to look for? I prefer to use water-based acrylics that can be brush painted. (I don't even own an airbrush. Yes, I'm very much old school on that. Of course, in my neck of the woods, short of installing a fume hood, I can only paint outside for a vey short timeframe.) Unfortunately, between Testors killing the Model Master line and Humbrol being shut down, I may be out of options.
    Thank you for any continued assistance.
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    Unfortunately I can't help you with a manufacturer or name of a paint color. However, the yellow color of the Roundhouse 9500 series outside braced boxcar seems reasonably accurate. Try to find a color that matches that one.

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