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Discussion in 'Boxcars' started by Mike.P, May 17, 2010.

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    I found your book to be a tremendous help while working on Frisco in Color Vol. 2. Congratulations on what turned out to be a superb effort.

    Greg Stout
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    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the compliment, you know it's not any easy task to write those books, so I do appreciate it from someone that's been there. I look forward to your Vol2. When do you think it'll be coming out?

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    I have been told by the publisher that the release date will be October 1.

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    Great info. I have a specific question regarding the 40 footers. I've seen prototype evidence of boxcar red and a few blue. Did the Frisco ever repaint any of the 40 ft boxcars yellow, orange, gray, tan, etc?
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    There is a myth that there is a prototype for everything.

    Could the Frisco have painted one boxcar in white or approached Norge with the idea that white Norge boxcars would be great rolling advertising billboards to promote their products?

    My grandparents bought a fancy new white Norge refrigirator in the early 50s and it was still going strong ten years later!

    Norge built Quality!

    Joe Toth
  6. An impressive model of the Norge plant can be seen on the OMRA’s rendition of Ft. Smith and the Frisco’s Central Division Tuesday nights 424 W. Commercial St., Springfield, MO.
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