Bachmann 44 Ton in N Scale

Discussion in 'N Scale' started by jmoore16, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. jmoore16

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    Anyone have any experience with this locomotive? I have a DCC painted as Frisco #8 or 8 spot as my dad called it.

    The second I put the decals on it, I dropped it on the living room floor and popped the trucks out. I popped them back in place, they are engaged in the worm gear, but no power.

    I've searched Bachmann's site, Google, Yahoo and Bing for as many searches as I could find on how to repair or at least disassemble the 44 tonner to no avail.

    Any suggestions? I'm close to buying another and swapping bodies...

  2. klrwhizkid

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    Joe, take look at this diagram. It should help. It looks like the body shell is a friction fit to the frame.

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  3. jmoore16

    jmoore16 Member

    Thanks klrwhizkid,

    I disassembled the 8 spot that I dropped and found nothing obviously wrong with it. I have purchased a new, working chassis to slide in when I get home. Hopefully, a video Tuesday or Wednesday....


    John Moore
  4. jmoore16

    jmoore16 Member

    I ended up buying a new 44 Ton from Bachmann and it indeed works. Here is the rub. The faulty chassis works with no body, but as soon as I put a body on, it goes dumb. I looked and see no decoder board interference issues.

    I'm just writing it off to Bachmann quality.

  5. meteor910

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    My Botchmann GE 44-tonner (HO) smoked every time I ran it. Of course, it has been doing that for 10 years.

  6. jmoore16

    jmoore16 Member

    Ken -

    I can help a brother out in this situation. E-Mail me and I will set you up with a rebody for your HO 44-tonner.

    John Moore

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