Athearn Steel Cupola Caboose

Discussion in 'New Products' started by Iantha_Branch, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. Iantha_Branch

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  2. William Jackson

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    Well, darn guess I will have to have a couple of those.
  3. skyraider

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    Their website says due early June. Does anyone know if they exist yet?

    Thank you,

    Paul Moore
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  4. Iantha_Branch

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    I doubt it. I think they're due June 2021. It would be nice if they included a year in their expected date
  5. mark

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    Paul and Ethan,

    The original announcement from March 27, 2020 does include an expected time of arrival (ETA).

    On their flyers, in the upper right hand corner, they note the announcement date, orders due date (typically 30 days later) in bold face type and an ETA. These dates include the month, day and year (mm/dd/yyyy - ETA is mm/yyyy only). In this case they are expected in March 2021.

    The orders due date helps them finalize production run numbers based on order demand. As a result, if you think you are interested in purchasing an item get your order in early with your local or favorite dealer. Reputable dealers typically do not request a down payment, nor demand you purchase the item if you later change your mind.

    NOTE: Preorders are filled first. That is the ETA date. Athearn has been consistent in hitting or slightly preceding their expected arrival dates.

    Excess, if any, inventory due dates show on the item inventory link Ethan posted. However, many popular or low preorder manufactured number items may become "sold out" items in inventory; and, are therefore unavailable if not ordered early. Worth getting your orders in by or before the order due dates!

    Please see the following link:

    Hope this helps.



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  6. skyraider

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    Thanks, Mark. When they do arrive, I'll get a couple.

    Paul Moore
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  7. patrick flory

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    What year did these ex ATSF cars become Frisco cars? How many were there? How about a summarized story?
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  8. klrwhizkid

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  9. patrick flory

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    All I’m really interested in is the year they appeared on the Frisco. In the steam era? Or later. To tell if one is appropriate on my layout. And I can buy an Athearn one.
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  10. klrwhizkid

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    That's where the information is.
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  11. patrick flory

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    Ok. Santa Fe ce-1 cars were bought 1968-71. The Athearn car appears to be a ce-1. So, too modern . Too bad.

    If I’m wrong please correct me. I wish at least some had been in the 1940’s.

    I wonder why the Santa Fe sold so many waycars like that at one time, over 20 it appears.

    That Athearn ATSF car has been lettered in so many non prototypical non ATSF schemes it makes my head spin. This is one non ATSF scheme that will be prototypical.
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  12. fredman23

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    I think the plural form is "cabozos." HONK HONK
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  13. Iantha_Branch

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    It appears that these cabooses are in stock with Athearn now, as well as some of the usual online stores.
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  14. Iantha_Branch

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    I think Athearn did a nice job on these. The smoke stack is silver on this run, where as the first run from a while back was red.

    Sorry for the bad crop, I was trying to get the picture down under 2000 pixels so it would upload

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