Alco RS-2: What Detail Parts Avalable?

Discussion in 'American Locomotive Company (ALCo)' started by Coonskin, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Coonskin

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    Hi All:

    I have an HO scale Kato undec RS-2 w/water cooled stack that I'm going to be turning into a Frisco "pure Alco" unit. I need a few answers about available HO detail parts before I start trying to gather up stuff. (I've been away from HO for so long, I am not conversant with what is available.)

    * Horn: I'll make an assumption that Frisco's two "pure Alco's" that escaped repowering until late 1960 had 5 chime horns (bells forward)? If so, is the old Cal-Scale 5 chime about the only game in town in HO? (I have a couple/three of those on hand, I think.)

    * Nose corner number boards: I saw pics here of someone's HO model of #553... and it had the number boards on the nose corners. Who makes them, and what part # am I after?

    * Class Lights: Same question... who makes class lights that are appropriate for the Frisco RS-2's?

    Any other suggestions for needed details found on the Frisco RS-2's?

    Thanks for any input!
  2. Coonskin

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    I think I've found the answer to the corner number boards: Details West #156.

    Is there a better brass* cast horn than the Cal-Scale 5 chime?

    Still looking for brass* class lights.

    * I would prefer brass over styrene for durability when handling the engines for maintenance/etc., or during an operational setting.
  3. meteor910

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    The Cal-Scale 5-chime, #190-316, is the only one I know of that is like the horn Frisco used on the early 1st generation units, brass or plastic. From a distance, it is fine, but up close, it could use some help. I'd like to see them re-do this part.

  4. cthart

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    The Walthers website is a great resource. If you go to their search page, you can search their "Superdetailing Parts" category for "HO scale" and type some text such as "number" to search for numberboards.

    Another great resource is the Diesel Detailer forum; ask your questions there and you're likely to get a lot of responses.

    I for one like Cal-Scale's brass parts, but there can be a bit of difference between the older parts and the newly tooled ones that they are making for Bowser's "new" Executive Line locomotives.

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