Accurail 40' Plug Door Boxcar - SLSF 15000-15099 (Kellogg)

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    Accurail has announced as “coming soon” an added kit decorated for the Frisco.

    The car is part of their 3100 series 40’ Plug Door Boxcars, kit - 3138 SL-SF Frisco built 1967. Suggested retail price is $19.98. Please see the following link:

    It is decorated to approximate one of the cars (SLSF 15068) in Frisco series 15000 – 15099. The prototype cars were leased in two groups from Chicago Freight Car Company. The first 100 cars came in 1967, with an additional 75 cars (15100-15174) in 1969. The decorated model includes appropriate initial weigh station stencil lettering “CFC”.

    Unlike the prototype, to accommodate existing kit molds, the model features an 8’ smooth side flush plug door. The prototype cars had 9’ (1967) and 10’ (1969) exterior-post Youngstown plug doors. The distinctive doors featured structural posts framing the perimeter, with double middle horizontal cross members and a lower vertical post in the center. The originals featured Evans brand belt rails and load restraining devices. This provided the interior lading with second generation “damage free” equipment, often denoted DF-2. As a result, the cars had the classification designation and stencil XL, denoting a boxcar (X) loader equipped (L).

    These cars were painted bright orange to denote assigned service at the Kellogg cereal production plant adjacent to Yale Yard in Memphis Tennessee. The newly posted art work indicates the appropriate “Ship it on the Frisco” slogan without the exclamation mark (!). Lettering also includes the routing instructions “When empty return to agent SL-SF R.R. Memphis, Tenn”. As indicated in photographs, this is located on the car side to the left of the door, above the wood placard and routing card boards.

    With changes in operating rules and Federal regulations, before delivery roof top running boards had been removed. It does not appear the model will include the appropriate warning stencil on each lower right side denoting the same. The stencils should note “Keep Off Roof No Running Board”. Fortunately, several decal manufactures offer these warning stencils with black lettering and border on a yellow background.

    The Kellogg plant, its 18th, initially opened in December, 1958. Full production began in April, 1959. Over the years the plant and warehouse has been modernized and expanded. It is located at 2168 Frisco Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38114.

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