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    FYI, I have two minor items you might be interested in.

    First, I read that one of the builder's plates on SLSF 1501 has been removed and stolen. More plunder of poor 1501! Speaking of builder's plates, I have a pin, less than an inch in diameter, that is a nice miniature replica of the builder's plates on SLSF 1522. It is in mint condition. If anybody would like it for your cap, etc, I'll mail it to you for $5, via USPS 1st class mail. I never have worn it. I think its cost new was the same. Let me know.

    Second, I have a rather unusual posting on eBay for an assembled, by me some time ago, but unpainted & unlettered, McKean Models 40ft double door box car, with a number of extras. See the listing for details and extras. Included is the Frisco car diagram and a b/w pic of one of the early cars used as an automobile box car. Frisco had 300 of them, built 1946 by Pullman-Standard - SLSF 154000 - 154299. I was going to do SLSF 154250, which is the number of the car in the pic. If interested, take a look. (Sold eBay)

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