86562 Before there was Accurail, there was Pikestuff/Athearn

Discussion in 'Open Hopper' started by Karl, May 3, 2014.

  1. Karl

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    The Athearn-Pikestuff panel hopper was a wee bit too long, but when combined with a set of Champ decals, the results were passable.

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  2. paul slavens

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    Looks good to me. And before there was Athearn Genesis, and Kato, and proto 2000 there was a nice die cast NW-2 switcher body from Varney that worked well when mounted on an old Athearn switcher chassis. Prototype Modeler had an excellent article in Dec. of 79 that explained how to detail and paint one of these bodies for the Frisco. Its funny to me that in the article they refer to the Varney bodies as "antiques" because they were over 20 years old at the time. I still have some of them today and now of course they are almost 60 years old.

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