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  1. don

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    SLSF 4508 4-8-4

    4508 New Dixon
    Frisco neg

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  2. frisco1522

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    I was looking at the old photo I had posted and it looks awfully dark, so here's a reworked one.
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  3. METEORman

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    Nice photo!
    Having not asked the guys I am working with yet, do you know how many of the 4500`s were equiped with the c-2 bosters?
  4. Karl

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    I wonder what the occasion was. There is a "suit" standing next to one of the telegraph poles. There is a lot of military equipment on those flats as well.

  5. frisco1522

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    The Frisco eventually had boosters on all 25 engines. The first 15 were delivered without, but the last ten had them from Baldwin. The RR installed them on the first series.
  6. Brad Slone

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    I can't say for certain, but considering that the 4508 still has its original paint and it looks like the hill realignment is brand new. I would guess that this is a construction train moving contractors equipment off the job. Maybe even moving equipment from the Dixon Hill project west to start on the Handcock Hill project that was started once the east side was completed. Just one possibility.


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