4-8-2 SLSF 1515

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  1. Here is 4-8-2 SLSF 1515 in 1926 at Frisco's West Shops in Springfield, MO.


    Edit 4/10/2024. The photograph was taken adjacent to the transfer table pit between the locomotive tender shop on the south, left, and the locomotive shop on the north, right.

    Note the overhead traveling crane rail support plate girder spans. The depth or height of the plate girder increases substantially above the locomotive. The increased depth accommodated the longer span over the transfer table pit.

    On either side, the closer spaced vertical support piers are visible. The closer spacing of the piers allowed a shorter depth or height of the plate girder bridge support spans. In fact, these adjoining girder spans are less than half the depth of the center span girder.

    Photograph was taken from the system stores supply warehouse.

    View looking west.

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