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Discussion in '1500 Class Mountains' started by subjerome, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. subjerome

    subjerome Member

    Does anyone know if there is a source for drawings of the 4-8-2 SLSF 1522 or other late 1500 series that had Walschearts valve gear?

    I am contemplating building a large scale locomotive and trying to assess if the SLSF 1522 would be a good choice. I figured living in St. Louis and being able to visit the prototype would be beneficial. Also having had the thrill to take an excursion on it which makes it a sentimental choice as well.

    I was going to ask the folks at the Museum of Transport but after browsing around the forum here, it is pretty obvious if this information is available someone here will know. I have seen information that Baldwin prints are available for locomotives built after 1938, but so far have not found anything in the 1920s.

    Thank you for your help!

    Dardenne Prairie, MO
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  2. Brad Slone

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    The May & June 2003 issues of Mainline Modeler had a nice two part series on the 1500 class locomotives.

    The first issue was the drawings, the second was a nice photograph series. These issue can be found from time to time on E-bay or possibly from the National Model railroad Association (NMRA) access magazine department at their library in Chattanooga, TN.

    Brad Slone
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  3. subjerome

    subjerome Member

    Thanks a lot Brad!

    I was fortunate enough to actually find the issues you spoke of on E-bay, although unfortunate in that they were located in Australia and the fellow was pricing them as antiques.

    But I bit the bullet and picked up the May issue for the drawings. If the drawings are similar to those one finds in model railroad magazines, they will be a nice start.

    But I am looking to build in 1:8 scale for live steam. So I suspect I will still be on the search for more detailed drawings from Baldwin.

    If I am unsuccessful, I will be spending a lot of time under the train shed at the St. Louis Museum of Transport with a camera, flashlight, notepad, pencil and tape measure.

    Thanks again!

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  4. yardmaster

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    Somewhere around this site, Don Wirth had posted a St. Louis Steam Train Association (SLSTA) modern-day drawing for 4-8-2 SLSF 1522, but I cannot seem to find it. I know that I have a hard copy at home.

    However, go to this thread for a comprehensive Frisco locomotive diagram book.


    Diagrams for SLSF 1515-1519 are on page 139.

    Diagrams for SLSF 1520-1529 are on page 141.

    Both classes were built with Walschaerts valve gear. The original batch from Baldwin, SLSF 1500-1514, were shipped with Baker valve gear. See page 137. I think most of this first class kept their Baker valve gear, but it seems like one of them was rebuilt with Walschaerts' valve gear after a serious wreck.

    I can see the picture in my mind with the homemade valve gear hanger on the engineer's side in Frisco Power, but I cannot recall for certain. I should know, but I would have to look unless others can chime in.

    At any rate, I think the locomotive diagram book in the link above should be a good starting point.

    Best Regards,
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  5. subjerome

    subjerome Member

    Thanks Chris,

    I will search around some for Don's drawing you mentioned.

    I was wondering if the SLSTA actually had blueprints for the locomotive or if all the original Baldwin drawing have been lost over the years.

    I actually stumbled across the Frisco locomotive diagram book earlier today on this site and while it does not provide a lot of detail on any particular engine, it sure was interesting flipping through it and looking at all the Frisco power over the years.

    Thank you,

    Jerome Simon
    Dardenne Prairie, MO
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  6. Steamnut

    Steamnut cinder sniffer

    Hello Jerome,

    The biggest stumbling block that you will find in 1/8th scale is the lack of a cylinder block that is close to the 1500s.

    Mike at Little Engines in New Jersey is doing a flame cut frame to turn a 4-6-2 Pacific like mine to a 4-8-2 Mountain. If you are not too picky that would be the way to go.

    I asked the same question about drawings here a few years ago, but have never found an erection drawing for the 1500s.

    The last time I looked, the DeGolyer library only had a handful of Frisco engine drawings that were mostly switchers and 2-6-0 Moguls.

    I think they had one for the 4-6-2 Pacific 1000 class engines, but that is all.

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  7. klrwhizkid

    klrwhizkid Administrator Staff Member Administrator Frisco.org Supporter

    Here is the drawing from the St Louis Live Steam Train Association that everyone has talked about.

    It does not have the detail you are looking for.

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  8. subjerome

    subjerome Member


    Thanks for drawing.

    I did run a similar diagram of the locomotive and while it has some information, you are right in that I am looking for something more detailed.

    However, this version is a much cleaner version and I appreciate you sharing it.


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  9. subjerome

    subjerome Member


    You sure hit the nail on the head.

    Drawings are pretty sparse but my biggest challenge will be finding suitable components. If I cannot find drivers, that is one thing. But if I cannot find suitable cylinder castings, than that is a challenge of a much larger magnitude. It will likely force me to model a different prototype.

    Your 4-6-4 SLSF 1060 Hudson really looks nice. I always thought the gold striping on the gloss black really added a touch of class.

    Great job!!


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  10. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Frisco.org Supporter

    Besides the May and June 2003 issues, were not there two or three more articles in Mainline Modeler featuring the Frisco 1500s?

    I know there was at least one from 1984 with tips on re-detailing a brass import 1500.


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