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  1. don

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    SLSF 1632 2-10-0 -1950

    SLSF 1632 on the Turntable, Clinton, MO
    R.C. Hilner, 1950

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  2. Karl

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    1632 Arrives in Belton

    After sitting for years in Ottawa, KS the 1632 arrives in Belton, Missouri. The locomotive and tender were delivered on two DODX flatcars. Check out this on youtube...

  3. Danny Maxwell

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    |-| Great foto.
    can anyone tell me what other equipment was used on the high line around Clinton? I am modeling the era from 1930s to 1960s
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    Re: 1632 Arrives in Belton

    Yeah I remember this event real well, Karl. At that time I was a member of the now-defunct Smoky Hill Railroad. I also remember that Grandview had to cut off the power until they delivered it to disconnect any overhead power lines that crossed over the track to keep the smoke stack from catching them and ripping them down. They had to do the same in Belton as well.
  5. Frisco2008

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    Use the search function to look for "Clinton" or "High Line". Also look for "field notes" to find Karl's father's track diagrams.

    Glenn in Tulsa
  6. Karl

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    Re: 1632 Arrives in Belton

    They used a ramp to remove the locomotive from the flat car, and they broke several springs duringthe process.

  7. FRISCO4503

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    Because I was born in Ottawa Kansas and as a child, I got to play on her many many times, I was sad that they moved her. The story I got was that Mr. Ledom who was part of the historical society that runs the museum didnt feel it was right to have a steamer there that wasnt a Santa Fe steamer, they wanted a piece of equipment that was of Santa Fe Origin so the Santa Fe Railroad gave them a caboose only to have the local kids from there catch it on fire. The Ottawa Depot just isn't the same without the FRISCO 1632 sitting there behind her. I was in the Army at the time that they moved the 1632 and was just shocked when I came home and found her gone. My Grandfather Boyd Whitcher, was a clerk at the Ottawa Depot until they closed the depot. When my grandfather left, he aquired the Santa Fe Clock that was hanging inside his office, that very clock now hangs over my lay-out. Someday I am hoping to find a picture of the Depot with the 1632 sitting there to also hang beside the Clock, My Uncle Carl Reekie also worked at the Ottawa Depot as part of a section Gang for the Santa Fe. Someday I will share the stories that my grandfather and my uncle shared with me about their working out of the Ottawa Depot.
  8. Karl

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    Part III

    1632_left_front_tender_truck.jpg 1632_left_rear_tender.jpg 1632_left_rear_tender_truck.jpg 1632_left_side_tender.jpg 1632_rear_tender_rt.jpg 1632_rt_rear_tender.jpg 1632_rt_rear_tender_trk_brake_pipe_vent_valve.jpg
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  9. Karl

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    Part II

    1632_6ET_distrib_valve.jpg 1632_ctr_backhead.jpg 1632_engineer_seat.jpg 1632_lft_side_backhead.jpg 1632_rt_cab_interior.jpg 1632_rt_half_backhead.jpg 1632_left_side_mid_boiler.jpg 1632_rt_driver_1_2.jpg 1632_rt_driver_2_3_4.jpg 1632_rt_driver_3_4.jpg 1632_rt_driver_4_5.jpg 1632_rt_cab_air_brake_distributing_valve.jpg
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  10. Karl

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    My PFM Bolshevik has been in the back shop for too long. I grabbed some detail shots at Belton, and hope to make the PFM version look more like the 1632, which was a denizen of the Clinton Sub.

    1632_back_air_compressor.jpg 1632_front.jpg 1632_left_cab.jpg 1632_left_driver_1.jpg 1632_left_driver_1_2.jpg 1632_left_firebox.jpg 1632_left_front_air_compressor.jpg 1632_left_rear_ari_compressor_frame.jpg 1632_left_side_draw_bar_buffer.jpg
  11. Sirfoldalot

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    Karl - Here are some more of #1632 for you to pick over.

    SLSF 1632 Ottawa,KS  JUL 67-1.JPG SLSF 1632 Ottawa,KS JULY 67-2.JPG SLSF 1632 Ottawa, KS Sep 66-3.JPG SLSF 1632 Ottawa, KS Sep 66-4.JPG SLSF 1632 Ottawa, KS Sep 66-5.JPG
  12. yardmaster

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    Karl and Sherrel, I appreciate the good, detailed close-ups. They're very helpful for those of us who like the steam power but are still at a "dunce" apprenticeship level for knowing and understanding the whole machine.

    Best Regards,
  13. phawkwood

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    Re: SLSF 1632 2-10-0 -1950

    I don't know that I'd refer to Smoky Hill as "Defunct". We're still up and running in Belton, operating over old Highline Trackage every weekend in the summer. We're hoping to get a project started to work on more cosmetic restoration of the 1632. We also still have the USAX flatcar that 1632 came in on. We redecked it and use it as an open air excursion car.

    Belton, Grandview, & Kansas City Railroad Co.
    Route of the Frisco
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    Just for fun:

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