19th Street Yard Kansas City October 18th 1932

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    This is a link to a Frank Lauder autochrome photograph taken October 18th 1932, of the West Bottoms and Kansas City Stock Yards as seen looking west from Kersey Coates Drive, at its intersection with Beardsley Road, just north of 17th Street. This vantage point shows the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad in the foreground and the Kansas City Live Stock Exchange Building in the left background.

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    Excellent find, Keith. Duly saved. Thanks for sharing.

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    Anyone else notice the double-sheathed boxcar roughly in the center that appears to need a trip to the car shop?

    Thanks very much for the link, Keith.
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    That one car looks like it might be on the ground or jacked up.
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    Thanks for sharing Keith.

    Bob McKeighan
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    FYI, that 40ft double door Frisco boxcar I am trying to virtually give away on eBay is right there, front and center, in the excellent KC yard photo Keith posted above. It's a nice HO McKean model kit, assembled but not painted. I'm paying the shipping cost. See the eBay listing for the details.
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