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    As I recall PFM announced that it would be releasing a model of the Frisco 1500 class locomotive on the back cover of the Sep 1969 MR. When the model finally arrived, it had a staggering price tag of $75. My brother and I had some money squirreled away from our lawn mowing operation. Our mother usually made us bank a large portion of our earnings, but we managed to keep some "off the books". Our dad kicked in $20, and we had our locomotive.

    We painted the model with a basic Badger airbrush, which was powered from the spare tire from the family car. Cans of Propel were now out of our price range. All in all I think that we did a decent job on the locomotive. Being joint property, it remains on the family layout in Springfield. A trip to the Ozarks over the 4th, offered the opportunity to let the old girl show her stuff.

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