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Dec_15_ - 4

Walthers tower. I had to scratch build two sides of the chimney from brick sheet ... the kit was missing the other half.

Dec_15_ - 4
Bruce Adams, Dec 6, 2015
    • Bruce Adams
      I can't remember if I wrote about this before, but .... When I opened this kit, it was missing 2 of the 4 sides of the chimney. I was already somewhat deep in the project ... and impatient! ... so I didn't contact Walthers for the parts. Instead, I used strips of Plastruct brick sheet (not the same size of brick, but close enough for eyeballs (though not cameras) and built it around an Evergreen square strip core. I think it was more fun having to problem solve - especially since I was satisfied with the results. The big lesson learned: always inventory kit parts as soon as opening the box (duh!).
    • patrick flory
      The roof eaves don’t hang over the walls for enough for anyplace south of Milwaukee, really funny looking to my eye, every tower I ever saw had deep eaves.
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