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atsf.texas chief.boxcar

atsf.texas chief.boxcar
Bruce Adams, Jan 18, 2012
    • Bruce Adams
      I'm learning to weather, part 3 ... your comments are appreciated! As always, the photography magnifies imperfections. This ATSF 50' boxcar (I want to get better at weathering before I work on more of my Frisco cars!), was done in several steps. 1) It's Athearn blue-box kit #5056 (purchased for $8.00!). 2) I airbrushed a diluted Grimy Black wash over the roof ... There was some pooling, which is bad, but I kinda like the effect. 2) I airbrushed diluted Dirt (acrylic) along the bottom of the car. Some overspray got onto the trucks. Again, I like the effect here. Note - I believe I have solved the airbrush spotting problem by using mesh filters (or old panty hose) over the siphon tube in the bottle...NOT used / shown in this photo. 3) Finally, my new favorite technique, is dabbing on tiny bits of raw- or burnt umber artist oils, then pulling them down using a 1/2" brush moistened with turpenoid to simulate rust. 4) I evened out / browned the trucks with Bragdon powders. 5) Still to come ... painting the wheel faces with a micro brush dipped in RR Tie Brown or Roof Brown. So ... Did I overdo the rust? More or less dirt and dust? Should I add door scrapes? Rust spots? Thanks, everyone!
    • Karl Stevenson
      @Bruce Adams i know this was 7 years ago and even though you guinea pigged an ATSF ( nothing personal and no offense intended i am an ATSF guy first over all other roads that i also like ) car to hone your weather skills i think it looks outstanding as is and does the car justice. Roof looks fine - cant really tell there was any pooling as i cant really notice anything. I wouldn't change a thing. Is the car in existence? Outstanding job. Wish some of my early attempts had turned out so well.
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    • patrick flory
      I have about 100 blue box type cars I have better stirrups and brakewheels. They will be great to learn weathering on before risking a good Intermountain or Atlas car.
    • Karl Stevenson
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