FriscoCharlie, Mar 27, 2013
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    • frisco1522
      Somebody paid a king's ransom for this original slide on ebay a while back. The old vulture down in FL has pirated the image and is selling prints on ebay. He is shameless.
    • FriscoCharlie
      Right. We lost an auction for 150 freight car photos for over $600 recently too. Same deal.

      At least we have this one.
    • yardmaster
      Location or train number on this one? Looks like it could be the "Memphian?" Maybe Rockview, MO? Can Tim Cannon, Karl Brand or Ken McElreath confirm/debunk?
    • Karl
      It's 108 at Nichols Jct. Note the Chair-Buffet on the rear.
    • yardmaster
      Thanks, Karl - would there still have been a depot/manual interlocking at Nichols at this date?
    • Karl
      Chris, the depot and interlocker were gone at this time. Note the two "CTC Houses" in the photo; these controlled the OS section through the crossing.
    • Coonskin
      Every time this photo pops up in the media header here, I admire it. It's a really great pic. That E looks great and olive green heavyweights just add to the aura. Love it.
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