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    I am back on this site after many years.

    I started with the Frisco in July 17, 1978, in the Greenville, S.C. offline sales office, and retired from BNSF Feb 2012. I modeled in N Scale for about 50 years and had a lot of Frisco equipment, but did not have enough space for a nice layout. So in May 2019, I switched to Z Scale. Unfortunately, there wasn't too much Frisco equipment to choose from, so I decided on a Santa Fe layout.

    Well, I have built a new 2' x 4' Rokuhan track layout and will be concentrating on Frisco equipment. My layout will be simple, one level, double loop with some switching. I am not a rivet counter - I just want my layout to be fun, simple and have that nice warm, maybe old-school Tyco/Sears Toy Catalogue, feel. :)

    I have found quite a few Frisco decals at K4 Decals, which I will be working with.

    I will be getting the new AZL GP38-2, soon, and was thinking about painting a matching caboose. Stony Smith @ Shapeways, created a Frisco wide-vision caboose for me and can be found on his Shapeways' website. But I am not sure I am up for trying to get the striping right and I don't see decals to cover the last caboose paint schemes. So I was just going to go with the solid bright red.

    Caboose and boxcar colors: Can the Model Master Acrylic Bright Red be used for both the caboose and boxcars? I understand that the Model Master Chevy Engine Block Red has been suggested for the last locomotive/caboose paint color (AZL Forum).


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