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Discussion in 'General' started by yardmaster, Nov 15, 2017.

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    Well, for starters I would look at the great work that Steve shared right above this. That should give some inspiration.

    I would consider starting with a wire fence down the sides of the track right of way. From there, I'm thinking a homestead scene with maybe some live stock inside the curve, with a simple dirt crossing to access a corn field that's on the outside of the curve.
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    Happy Workshop Day,

    Tonight's descent into madness...joint bars details for the track on the new section....

    IMG_2049 (2).JPG

    Hope all are well. Take Care,

    -Bob T.
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    I have been working on some Athearn RTR SP SD45's. Had to move the air reservoirs around as they were in the wrong place on one side from the factory.
    Below is the an SD45, SP 8663 a former CNW unit now a SP SD40M-2, but still looks like a SD45 to me. I updated the air dryer/cooler system, added details like the eye bolts, air cyl piping, spare coupler baskets. I updated the #2 cooling fan as it had been replaced recently. Also the #1 cooling had been replaced some time ago as it is getting grungy, spitter valves were added to the reservoirs as well. I also added the axle generator for the speed recorder, we used to use some automotive heater hose around the cables to help protect the cable on some of real locos at Burnham in Denver, they did not stay red very long. Also a few new high voltage, fire extinguisher decals were used.
    The SP 7444 had the same treatment on the details as the 8663, used the earlier air dryer/cooler systems common on SP and other units. The pedestal liners on some of these older EMD's had a Turquoise color to them, just happens to have an old bottle of floquil that matches pretty good. This one has clearly had all the traction motors replaced as you can see the journal boxes are the rebuilt black ones, also an earlier 2nd gen SP light package. Although you cant see them in the images, I almost always add all the air tank reservoir piping too.
    This one had the #1 dyn fan replaced looks like. These old EMD's leaked oil just about everywhere, but a lot around the top deck gaskets. I remember one time the bosses had a light bulb go off in their heads, and thought silicone was the cure-all. Well they had us clean the outside of the tops decks on an engine, they took a large contractor type tube of blue silicone, and used a putty knife to smooth out about a 4" wide thick layer of silicone to stop the leaks, which it did for about an hour. After that it looked like some big old blue herniated blisters on the sides of the engine.
    With all their faults, nothing to me sounded as good as those 20 cyl EMD engines.
    The SP 7540 got about the same treatment as the others.
    Here they are with a RG unit headed east.
    Thanks for looking.
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    Excellent, Tom!
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    Thanks Andre!
  6. Great work again Tom. Neat additions for your fleet.
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    Tom, your layout is filled with formidable beasts, no doubt about it.
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  8. A day late but oh well….
    My Walthers contest diorama is pretty much done. I’ll try to get some real photos over the weekend.

    52A6E763-4DCF-4B7C-A54D-73037D8A8F21.jpeg A62AE091-4435-47BB-90CE-71D829D8155C.jpeg 88C3DF65-9EFA-4D44-8AE0-1122CA3888A4.jpeg
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    Wow, Steve. Excellent work.

    How many hours do you think you have invested into the diorama?
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    Excellent is not enough description here!
    Looking forward to more photos to be posted!
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  11. Thank you guys. Glad you enjoy it. Like most of my other photo dioramas I try for kinda generic location and era so I can use most trains on it.

    Andre, I really made no attempt at keeping track of hours. I’ll guess around 70? Started late April on the buildings and started the foam end of may.
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  12. Coonskin

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    That's a good enough answer. I was wondering if you built everything from the get-go for the diorama, or if you had structures you'd built years ago that you put to use, etc. Kind of sobering to think you have that kind of time-investment into a diorama... and some of us have layouts to fill with scenery and structures. :eek:
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  13. Hahahahhaaaa that’s why I can’t imagine a full layout Andre.

    For Walthers contest everyone started with the same kits at the same time. Bought through them. So that levels the field that you most likely didn’t have something to fit the rules already made. They announced what it would be and made them available in March. Luckily for me I’m in to small modules like this so it’s not wasted time, money or space for me. I’ll get a lot of photo use from it.
    I think the initial kit package was $75 from Walthers with all the structures some animals, plow and seeder, and track. I probably have another $50 in various pieces. But a lot of things I already had like the vehicles and more of the scenery material.
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    Steve, Good Luck with your module for the contest!!!

    Do you know how many people are in the contest and is it open to everyone in the World?

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  15. Thanks Joe.

    no idea how many will enter. But yes open to anyone 4 catagories I believe. N scale, HO, youth and open which could be any kits as long as it was built in the allotted timeframe.
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  16. Some practice pictures I took. A few things I want to tidy up but it’s close.

    My daughter had the idea for the scare crow. Then my middle boy made the hat for it from a maple leaf helicopter.
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    Looks great Steve
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  18. Thanks Ethan
  19. Mark Poley

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    Very nice work on the diorama!
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