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Discussion in 'General' started by craigh, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. craigh

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    anybody have a clue what this is and who made it and roughlythe year? thats spotted it 4-14-09 in tyler texas

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  2. TAG1014

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    Looks like an ex-Rock Island express and mail storage car. Either their 4300-4324 series (ACF 1958), or 4385-4399 series (ACF 1956). This info is from "Rock Island Color Guide To Freight And Passenger Equipment" by Hile, Hickcox and Miller, Morning Sun, 1996.

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  3. craigh

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    tom,did you get my email?
  4. TAG1014

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    No e-mails ????

  5. craigh

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    ok well here it is i recently posted a want ad on craiglist for trains while i was in springfield and this guy sent me a email said he had 100 cars, 14 engines and 50 unbuilt buildings that were 25 years old and still in the boxes except the buildings and a 20 year old set from sears still in the box and wants to sell as a package deal (more than i could prob pay) and said if serious about buying that he could send a cd with pics for $10.00 said he use to send them free but never heard from them he lives at the lake of the ozarks and if you know of any body interested i would be more than willing to forward the message i know your into n scale but thought you might know someone
  6. TAG1014

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    I don't know anyone that's intersted, but that information here on this board might stir up some interest??

  7. bob_wintle

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    I have heard alot of bad things about Craigs list. I wouldn't trust the guy. This all sounds like a good way to lose $10 bucks to me. Just my $.02.
    Bob Wintle
    Parsons, Ks.

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