What happened here?

Discussion in 'GP7' started by meteor910, Nov 21, 2009.

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    SLSF 514, GP7 ..... on 'da ground! From my "Enid negatives".

    Anybody have any idea what happened here, and where, and when?


    ps: Note the chemical plant separation columns in the background of the second pic. Does that give anyone a clue as to location?

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  2. Iantha_Branch

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    Probably bad rail came loose and it fell off. or there could have been a branch of the tracks.
  3. Steve40cal

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    We still service the Koch plant timetable East of Enid on the old Frisco main. I don't know how long there has been a refinery at this location but there aren't many land marks other than grain elevators in that part of Oklahoma. A local visits there every day from Enid, Yard Job 102 and they even installed a huge siding there this year so entire trains can be left there for the plant. Most of the old Frisco guys I work with around Tulsa didn't work on the Avard sub but I will still ask around. Steve. BNSF Signal Dept.

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