What do I do with old Frisco railroad papers or documents?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by klrwhizkid, Aug 30, 2023.

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    It doesn't matter what railroad is involved, if one comes across such materials, they should be donated, or at least loaned, to the historical society of that particular railroad for digitizing. In our case, it would the St Louis - San Francisco Railway or commonly know as the Frisco.

    What kind of documents are important?
    1) Any drawings or diagrams of rail cars, whether freight cars or passenger cars, including painting diagrams.
    2) Any timetables.
    3) Records of train operations; train orders, consist lists (what cars were on a train), crew assignments,
    dispatcher's sheets, personal notes about operations made by crewmen
    4) Track charts, Industry Schematics (called CLIC charts by some railroads)
    5) Railroad maps
    6) any documents or publications that show or describe the operations of a railroad
    7) any photographs of equipment, structures, property (yards) or buildings.

    In the case of this forum, Frisco.org, please post any questions about how to donate or loan materials to our historical society by creating a thread at this link:
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    Ok, Keith. You have seen my Frisco spreadsheet. I still have Timetables, employee and public, things like "Rules for the Maintenance of Way and Structures, July 1, 1973 (revised May 1975)", "History of the Frisco 1849 - 1962", 3 documents from 1980 "Notice that the New Orleans court has vacated the merger stay order", "Announcement of the merger" and "Announcement that the merger has been finalized", and several EMD operating manuals. Where do I send it?
    Dave Gaines
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    Sorry Keith. I sounded very snarky. That was not my intention. You have been a lot of help to me in disposing of my HO stuff. It just seems like I have some items that fit in the categories of things you are suggesting be donated.
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    Me again. I did offer my historical things to the Springfield library. My last contact with them was 3 weeks ago when they indicated that I had some things they did not have. I emailed them again today. I if there is no response I will offer the stuff to the Archives now that I have found the link.

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