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  1. mbowline

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    I am just learning about the West Bottoms area and am in the throes of designing a switching layout with the West Bottoms as the centerpiece.
    My question is this: in the late 1950s era, what railroads' power was switching industries in the West Bottoms? Any besides Frisco? Same question for the East Bottoms area.

    Also, what yard was used by local freights to sequence/block the freight cars in their train before they ventured into the Bottoms for switching, if any? Did it depend on the road doing the switching?

    Thanks to all for your help.
  2. klrwhizkid

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    One start could be to use the Search function above and put in the phrase West Bottoms. I seem to remember one of the discussions about the West Bottoms identifying roads operational in the 50's and type of power.
  3. Boomer John

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    If you seen my posts you know I am also modeling the West Bottoms, but pre-flood, i.e. around 1951. It is my understanding that after the flood rail activity dwindled so I'm not sure this area was worked by the Frisco in the era you model. Frisco Power shows some small 0-6-0's during my era, but I am using the smoth running Proto 2000 USRA 0-6-0's which were basically Tulsa engines.

    The Frisco had a small yard on the north end of Santa Fe Street called the Henning Street yard. I can not find any information on how this yard was worked. On my model a train comes out of holding (19th Street Yard), works the trailing point switches up Santa Fe Street, swaps ends at Henning and works its way back to 19th Street working the trailing switches. There will also be a switcher working the Armour plant west of Santa Fe out of Henning Street. Pretty simple track plan.

    There is a picture Kalmbach has used in several publications (Iain Rice's book on shelf railroads the last time I've seen it) showing a CGW cow and calf unit heading north past Rudy Patrick and Crooks Terminal Warehouse.
    This is actually on Frisco trackage up Santa Fe working interchange out of CGW Ohio Street yard, which was in the vicinity of Henning Street.

    Not much, but all I know for now. Always looking for more info.

    John |-|
  4. MFreix

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    I know Henning St. was directly south of CGW's Ohio St. Yard, and CGW did use the SLSF trackage in Santa Fe St. for access to interchange. I have been trying to figure out how the KCS, if at all, interacted with Henning St. The KCS line dropped off the bluffs and would have been sandwiched in between Ohio St Yard, and Henning St.

    I do have a picture in a CGW book I have of a SLSF Baldwin brining a short transfer into the CGW yard.

  5. Rick McClellan

    Rick McClellan 2009 Engineer of the Year

    Karl B. is the ultimate authority but I will take a swing at this one. Given the freight houses and yards that were in the Bottoms, here is my list taken from a 50s/60s era map of Kansas City.

    Freight House and Yard

    Freight House
    Rock Island

    I was not able to find a freight house for the AS/GMO even though the GMO yard was next to the Frisco. The map I had was of all of Kansas City making the Bottoms near microfilm in size.

    It is my understanding that the Bottoms jobs worked out of the 19th St Yard on the Frisco. I don not have any information on the other roads but suspect those that had small yards in the Bottoms, used them to service their customers. Othe roads probably used their main yard (MKT, ATSF, Rock).

    I will have to check the East Bottoms/Produce Area later.

  6. mbowline

    mbowline Mike Bowline bottomslover

    I was not able to find a freight house for the AS/GMO even though the GMO yard was next to the Frisco. The map I had was of all of Kansas City making the Bottoms near microfilm in size.

    Sanborn Map for period 1939-1957 Map #181 shows the GM&O freight house just south of the 12th Street bridge and just west of the SLSF freight house.
  7. renapper (Richard Napper RIP 3/8/2013)

    renapper (Richard Napper RIP 3/8/2013) Passed away March 8, 2013

    I have a map of the KCT that they put out in 1946 which shows all of the freight houses in the KC area as well as all roundhouses, yards etc. I could make a copy for you for about $10.00, but I think either Rick, Mark, or Keith have a copy that they might let you look at.
  8. mbowline

    mbowline Mike Bowline bottomslover

    Mark, if you get this in time, can you bring your copy Saturday 2-12 to our weed walk? Thanks!

    Richard, I would like a copy of that map. Can you message me off-line with your address and I will mail you a check? Thanks
  9. klrwhizkid

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    Mike, I will see you at breakfast on Saturday and at the Op Session at Chuck's I will bring a copy of the KCT Map and all of the materials we used for the West Bottoms tour during the Frisco Convention last year. Looking forward to meeting you!

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