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    December of 2017 I started looking in earnest to move back to Texas, specifically to an area fairly close to the QA&P (background info here http://www.frisco.org/shipit/index.php?threads/qa-p-musem-trip-2017-quanah-paducah-tx.10687/). Many of you know that my grandfather was a lineman on the QA&P for his working career and that my mother grew up in Quanah.

    Saturday, March 16 (right after the huge blizzard Colorado Springs had), we walked out of our front door in Colorado Springs for the last time. We now live in Rule, TX. Rule is an hour north of Abilene and on the old KC M & Orient line. We're only 1:20 drive time south of Quanah. About all we've had time to do so far is unbox belongings, move furniture and go for a few short bicycle rides. But we love it here!

    The people here are terrific. We're fine with West Texas scenery. It is so nice being out of the big city. The largest town I've been in since we moved is Haskell, TX, which has a population of 3200. Once things settle down a little, we plan to take some day trips to railroad and ranching museums and explore the area--specifically the railroad history of the area.

    It may be awhile before I'm able to start working on the railroad building. In addition to our home, the three acres we bought has a 2 car garage behind the house and a 25 X 35 2 1/2 car garage that will eventually be the railroad building. I need to find a semaphore and railroad crossing sign to put in front of the building!

    A few photos are attached from the area. The sunset was taken off of our patio looking out over our pecan orchard.

    Talk to you later,

    Paul Moore

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    Welcome to Texas -- wish I were there as well, but my co-pilot will not leave Kids and Gkids.
    It has just become too crowded, terrible traffic, and expensive!
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    Where do you live?

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    p.s. to the initial post. I forgot one photo: the railroad museum in Rochester, TX.

    Paul Moore IMG_2575.JPG
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    Paul, I reside in Southern CA - town of Temecula ... 20k in 1990 - now way over 100k.

    I have a friend who lives near Sanger, TX. I will PM you his contact info. If you get over in that direction, I know he would be glad to have you stop by. He has a dedicated 20x30 HO train double deck layout going. Wife, doggies and I stopped by to see him on our xcountry trip.
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    Temecula always sounded like a neat place to me. Like Colorado Springs, it's grown dramatically.

    Sanger is just north of Denton, TX. My parents live in Denton county.

    Paul Moore
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    Small world, huh?
    Amazing - My Brother in Law's Dad and Step Mom live either in or close around Denton.
    Should you get over around Sanger -- There is an Italian Restraunt where Willie took us to dinner called Peligrinos, or something close to that - Long story short - the owner served us - he was from the San Fernando Valley, same town where my wife grew up. What are the chances on that?
    Ranks second on my all time list of Italian - First is in the town of Barveno - north of Milan. Italy.
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    Yes, Welcome to Texas...I’m in the Metroplex area, but have spent a lot of time out your way. In Crowell, one of your neighboring towns, the old Orient station now serves as the public library, I believe. If I’m thinking of the right place, Rule has the remains of an old drive-in....I’ve always dreamed of re-opening one of those in a small town!
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