Was this a S.L.E Locomotive?

Discussion in 'Salem Branch' started by MODiesel, Jun 20, 2019.

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    Hi Everyone,

    The Franklin County Historical Society group on Facebook is trying to figure out what Railroad, and the relative time period, is associated with the Locomotive in the attached pics. The 1st photo is an enlargement of the lettering on the "coal car" of the picture. The second is the entire pic. The original posting stated that the pic was found with other family pics in old album that was "assumed" to be in the Pacific area, but that may not be accurate.

    The discussion quickly turned towards the lettering on the coal car, which looks like "S L E" possibly standing for Sligo and Eastern Railroad. However, all the records I've found indicated that SLE only had 3 locomotives and all were "shays." The locomotive here doesn't have the distinctive external shafts on the exterior to drive the wheels. I'm also not enough of an expert to tell what kind of locomotive this might actually be, or if SLE might actually have had other power units?

    The only other acronym I found that might apply would be to interpret the middle initial as an "I" in which case it could be for the St. Louis, Indianapolis and Eastern Railroad. That one only appears to have been operational between 1889 - 1899, and I doubt it would have had activity as far west as into eastern Franklin County.

    Any & all help/clues would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    It appears to me that the letters on the tender were drawn on the negative so they would appear white when printed. They might not have any connection to the locomotive.

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    I think I remember reading that there was at least one rod engine on the Sligo & Eastern . . . . .
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    From 1902 up until the S&E got their 3 Shay's, they did have rod engines. Not sure which kinds the others were but in 1905 the railroad purchased a Davenport 2-6-0 brand new.

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