Waco, MO, Afton Subdivision, Girard Branch, MO 148.8

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    Waco, MO depot.

    Photograph dated 1961.

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    Great image, Charlie.

    A very nice view of details for scratch building, windows, etc..

    Thanks for posting all of these today.
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    This depot is still standing, about one block east of the original site behind a house.

    It is used for storage and is in bad shape.

    John Chambers
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    Waco, MO is located on the former Girard Branch between Pittsburg, KS and Joplin, MO.

    The structure is north of KK Highway aka Collins Street, on the west side of John Street.

    The depot sits to the north, behind a former commercial false front store building at 301 Collins Street and south of a dwelling at 461 John Street.

    It is adjacent to the first electric utility pole north of the intersection, just north of a tan brick single car garage or storage building.

    At its current location, the building has been rotated approximately 90 degrees so that the roof peak axis now runs east to west.

    The depot is currently located immediately south of 461 John Street, Waco, MO 64832-8211.

    It would be nice is someone in the area could obtain current photographs, detail shots and if possible measurements.

    Hope this helps.


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    Good breakdown as always Mark.

    I do want to offer one tiny technical correction, the Girard Branch connected Girard to Carl Junction, and the Tuckahoe Branch continued the connection from Carl Junction to Joplin.

    I think I am the closest out of our known members. I will swing by next chance I get and at least get pictures of the building.
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  6. Karl

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    The basic depot layout and details including windows, siding, etc. used at Waco J149 were used elsewhere on the Frisco.The depots at Galloway A246, Hallowell F352, Andover F494, Sprague N92, Haverhill F478, Andover F494, Bentley F523, Pollard F590, Wherry F656, Monmouth M152, Crestline F326, Godfrey L105, and Pearl D173 share this basic layout. In some cases, there is a wall between the waiting room and the ticket office, and in other cases, the two rooms are separated by a wall of pickets. Dimensions varied slightly and room orientation changed to meet the local needs. Also, notice that the ticket office is not placed on the trackside of the structure; one might infer that these depots did not serve as telegraphic train order offices. The ETT’s tend to support this inference, because during the last days of the Ft Scott - Joplin locals, trains 121 and 124, Waco was a scheduled stop It is not listed as a “telegraphic office” in ETT 37A, 1951.

    With regard to the Waco, Missouri depot at MP J148.8, my Northern Division B&B record is at odds with the Frisco’s Depot Diagram book. The diagram book gives a 1880 build date, and the B&B record has a 1885 build date. A comparison between the floor plans shows subtle dimensional differences between the two floor plans, and the basic layout is flipped on the building’s “Y” axis.

    Waco, MO B&B record; my collection.

    Waco, MO Frisco Depot Diagram, Missouri State University Collection.

    It turns out the discrepancy is not some sort of “clerical’ error. The depot depicted at the beginning of this thread is the “second” Frisco structure to serve the Waco community. During the evening of November 28, 1885, a group a burglars “raided” Cherokee, Opolis, and Waco. At Cherokee a hardware store, a market, a clothing house, and the post office were robbed. At Waco, two stores and the Frisco Depot were set ablaze. Opolis was raided, too, but details of the raid there were not available.I would surmise that given the firefighting capabilities of the day, the Waco depot was destroyed. If they existed, it is possible that remnants of the original depot, were incorporated into the new depot. Like the original structure the “new” depot was placed on the railroad-east side of the track, however the “new” depot’s ticket office and waiting room were placed on the railroad-north end of the depot. The new construction added west-elevation entry to the ticket office.

    waco_mo_b_and_b 1.jpg
    Even though Waco was the section headquarters for Section Gang J-5, the B&B record does not list a section house dwelling. An old 34-foot box car served as the Section Car House for the gang. A “2-hole” outdoor privy and a single-alley stock pen round out the remaining Frisco structures at Waco. Waco, MO B&B record; my collection.

    The Girard Branch through Waco was laid with second-hand 75 lbs rail. The Cooper bridge class was a hefty E-63. Maximum gross weight of cars was 210,000 lbs. Maximum passenger train speed was 55 mph. The 1930 track chart is from my collection.

    During August 1, 1951, Bull Moose 2122 made the last passenger turn between Ft. Scott, KS and Joplin, MO as trains No 121 and No 124. On February 12, 1959, the Frisco filed with the ICC a petition to abandon the 10.63 miles between Opolis, KS and Carl Junction, MO. On May 28, 1959 the ICC granted the Frisco permission to abandon that segment.

    The 1961 photograph of the Waco depot, which leads this thread, shows the depot after its removal from the abandoned Frisco ROW. Note the newly-built cinder block foundation. That image shows the west-side elevation and the north-end elevation. This Google Earth street view image shows the present state of affairs. The north-end elevation and the west-side elevation are visible. The view is to the west. The cinder block foundation is doing much better than the structure.
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    Just a note about the title. Waco is located at MP J148.8; MP 148.8 is on the Lebanon Sub.
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