Trains No 604 And No 609, Motor - Service Discontinued To Vernon, TX - Saturday, 6/30/1951

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    Hello All:

    Just spent the day in Vernon, TX at the newspaper, museum, and local university trying to figure out the last date the Frisco ran it's doodlebug into Vernon.

    Any info on this matter would be much appreciated.

    WF TX
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    I haven't seen a reply here yet so I'll try to narrow it down.

    Frisco Power by Collias has some nice photos of 4-4-0 SLSF 185 at Vernon on June 30, 1951. It was there to protect the doodlebug and got the call for No 604 that day.

    The caption reads: "Not many months after...the Red River rose up from its banks and carried off the Frisco's bridge, effectively cutting Vernon off from the rest of the system...the run was discontinued south of Enid."

    While it doesn't give an "exact" date, hopefully this gets you closer in your research.

    Best Regards,
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    Yardmaster and Forum:

    We spent two hours at the newspaper office in Hobart, OK and got the exact date passenger service ended:

    Saturday, June 30, 1951

    After that it was mixed service (ride in the caboose) until the line was washed out at the Red River.

    Wichita Falls TX
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