Trains No 3 And No 4, The Will Rogers - Joplin Pullman Sleeper Discontinued - 5/2/1957

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    Prior to the time the Frisco moved its operating headquarters from St. Louis to Springfield, my dad worked in the St. Louis General Offices.

    That meant we could ride on a pass, and I remember one time taking the old Will Rogers to visit my grandparents in Joplin. Trouble is, I was too young to note whether the sleeper, yes, it was a lower section, ran all the way into Joplin, or whether we got off in Neosho.

    Does anyone have a complete enough timetable collection to be able to tell me when the Joplin sleeper came off?


    Greg Stout
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    The Joplin Pullman, a 12 section-2 double bedroom (12-2) car, last appeared in the October 1957 Public Timetable.

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    This appears to be another case where railroad timetables were not always updated as promptly as we might desire.

    According to Pullman Company records, the St. Louis-Joplin sleeper completed its last run on May 2, 1957. This car, line 39 westbound and 109 eastbound, was apparently a 12 section - 2 double bedroom (12-2) car until the end.

    Despite appearing in the October 1957 Frisco Public Timetable, the St. Louis-Joplin sleeper does not appear in the Official Guide dated September 1957.

    Bill Pollard
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    Chalk up another one to the History of Lines, eh?

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    I was about 8 and went to see my grandparents, also Joplin residents as Greg will vouch, for Easter.

    We always went down to the Frisco depot because, as I told Greg, the Frisco Pharmacy was located in the passenger station. I remember the guy my grandfather knew who was the stationmaster, or super, telling him that the sleeper was coming off. I'd only seen it once, sitting at the depot.

    When the train was inbound from Wichita and passed my grandfathers house at 15th and Pennsylvania, it did so before it picked up the car, or after it dropped it off.
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