Train 133 at Rosedale Spring 1964

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    While the carmen were walking the set and release on 133, they discovered a bad-order that needed to be removed from the train. A Baldwin switch engine was called to cut the car from the train.

    The shot was taken from the steps of the Rosedale Yard Office. The bridge crosses Turkey Creek. After about an hour, the train was reassembled, pumped-up, and ready to roll south.

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    Where do you keep coming up with all these photos? All I know is that they are cool shots.:cool:
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    Thanks for the sentiments.

    My father and grandfather were Frisco railroaders, and my father allowed my brother and me to accompany him on many occasions. He was also very good about explaining what we saw, and how things worked. I have been hooked on trains for as long as I can remember, and I have been collecting things for quite some time.



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