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    From Richard Crabtree on Frisco Rails Across Missouri:
    Here we are at the Frisco Depot in Newburg, Mo and we can see a Frisco employee on a track inspection speeder.
    Frisco Track Inspection Speeder Newburg Mo.jpg
  2. Holy crap I would love to see the other side. That could be a neat model there.
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  3. Peddling Joe

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    Like you, the Track Inspection speeder picture caught my attention.
    The picture was with some LAFOE family pictures and t probably was taken in the WWI era?.
    My genealogy information suggested it is a picture of the late Lewis LAFOE, born in Kilbarchan, Renfrew, Scotland His father was a rock mason who was hired
    to assist with building the FRISCO from Lebanon west and settled in Northview where he was was section foreman for many years.
    Lewis was living in Peabody, KS in 1920 where he was employed by the Rock Island RR. Folklore has it he was killed in a RR accident accident
    The speeder pictured is somewhat similar to the one posted by Mr. Crabtree. Further limited research is ongoing but at this writing, Kalamazoo Railway Supply Co, , Adams Motor & Manufacturing Co, Sheffield-Faibanks Morse seem to be front runners.

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  4. Thanks Joe. Great shot and story. I appreciate it. If anyone would have speeder info it would be you right? :)
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  5. Peddling Joe

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    Thanks Bill: Anyone's information on this model track motor car will be sincerely appreciated.
    Fairbanks Morse apparently bought out Sheffield in the early 1900's but continued to manufacture
    some of the products under the Sheffield name.
    A rail buff has contacted us at the Railroad Historical Museum (in Springfield, MO) with a request for information on
    the engine he recently acquired. Little is known about the portion he has but it does not use a flywheel and
    instead the piston connecting rods are hooked directly to the drive wheel. To start the engine, the car is manually shoved.
    (Note the Fairbanks No. 28 used this type engine - image attached)

    Thanks in advance.

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    You heard it here first, folks. Steve, I’m fully expecting to see this at a future Collinsville RPM meet.
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  7. With a couple pics now I can see that for sure Chris!! Big enough to see too.:)
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