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    Does anyone have te track diagrams for Paris, TX? I'm interested in modelling the end -to-end interchange between the Frisco and the Santa Fe circa 1942. Any assistance in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated. I would also like any information on buisnesses and industries served by the Frisco, especially the Campbell Soup Company.
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    Will- funny you should mention Paris, since I'm currently modeling the Frisco operations there circa 1975 to 1977.

    If you're modeling in the mid-1940s, you won't have Campbell Soup, as they didn't open for business in Paris until 1964.

    You would have active passenger service with Frisco and Santa Fe, along with the Texas & Pacific, Houston & Texas Central (former Texas Midland), and Paris & Mt. Pleasant. If I remember, Babcock & Wilcox had an ironworks plant served by T&P to the west of the Santa Fe crossing (Tower 79), and T&P also had a large cotton gin & vinegar works as well, located south of downtown.

    The H&TC yard was located east of the Frisco/Santa Fe depot, and their main roughly paralleled the Santa Fe out of town for a short distance.

    I don't have a track diagram chart per se, as I'm working off of a USGS topographical map circa 1970s, but you might be able to find a Sanborn map online.
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    Thanks frisco bob for your answers and for suggesting the sanborn map. I really appreciate the assistance. Will
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    There are a few low-resolution USGS topo maps available for Paris for 1949, '66, '85 and '91 at the Historic Aerials site. It also lists 1903, but it does not appear to load anything.
    The 1949 map might provide a good, general overview of how the SL-SF and AT&SF were laid out, close to your model year.

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    Also, try here:

    I centered on northeastern Texas, then on Paris, clicked on the "My Topo" button on the upper right side of the picture, and browsed around. I now have pictures of the T&P main from Tower 79 (where Santa Fe and SP crossed), the T&P yard and cotton gin, and further east. About two blocks to the south you will find the abandoned ROW of the Paris & Mt. Pleasant, which was taken up in September 1956.

    For a small town in Texas, to have 5 railroads in town is quite an accomplishment, and the result of ambitious men who built these railroads. When you go to Paris today, you will see only one railroad serving this area- the Kiamichi, which comes into town over the former Frisco Arthur Sub.
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    Thanks for the link to the topo maps site.

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