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    For those who may not be aware, Tom Duggan (Tomd6) passed away Feb 11 after an illness of several months. Tom was a devoted railroad historian and frequently posted information here. I can personally attest that he often went out of the way to provide information and documentation to others with a like interest. He will be missed.

    Tom was in the process of compiling research notes and other materials for a projected book on the railroads of northwest Arkansas (including the Fort Smith area). To the best of my knowledge no finished manuscript has been located, but that might change in the future. His heirs have donated his research notes and other railroad material to the Arkansas-Boston Mountain Chapter of the NRHS, where he was an active member, and some of it has not yet been examined in detail.

    The A-BM Chapter publishes a newsletter (more like a journal at times) called the Scrambler devoted to historical railroad topics. Tom has contributed articles in the past and his notes on the Mansfield Branch of the Frisco appear in the now available March issue. It is my understanding that there will be more of Tom's research on various railroads in projected future issues. Those that are interested can view the Scrambler online. Perhaps one of the moderators can post a link here, but anyone can "google" Arkansas-Boston Mountain Chapter NRHS and download them online.

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    Our condolences to his family. He will be missed.
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    Our prayers are with Tom and his family.

    Joe and Cynthia Lovett
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    John, thanks for letting us know. Already have downloaded the newsletter with Tom's article, and can tell that I'm going to enjoy it.

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    Tom gave talks to many groups, including our local club. Whenever I would bring up some subject, he would know lots more about than I. Several of you could say the same. Sorry such a resource is gone and hope his material can be used.
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  6. Arkansas Boston Mountains Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society

    The monthly Scrambler started in September of 1987 .
    The link for past issues of Scramblers is , , [ It has a search site ].

    To get the free monthly Scramblers to your Email, sign up for the Scramblers, by using .

    Any comments or contributions of research for the Scrambler project are welcomed, – send to such to Mike Sypult, .
  7. Turky44, our young man,

    Thank you Adam for your "Like" about the Arkansas Boston Mountains Chapter NRHS Scramblers.
    Your Fort Smith railroading areas were a major stepping stone in the Frisco's progressions
    and past operations.

    I am proud of your participation in, your interests and your contributions.
    I will be following you,


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