This gives me GREAT pleasure to finally do this!!!

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    yesterday I purchased a BN ATHEARN RTR GP38 with the long FRISCO fuel tank, I am going to do what should havve been done with ALL BN Engines, Strip it and repaint it FRISCO. I am sure I am not the first person to do this but, It is a must, SO I figured I would share here my intentions!!!

    My Modeling abilities are taking great strides and my wife and I have opened a business called Will & Tias Trains and Dolls. My wife makes dolls that are called reborn which look like Living babies, I custom paint, weather, detail Locomotives, rolling Stock, and buildings. I am not savy on installing DCC yet, but I do install custom lighting kits. This is not meant to advertise on here I am just having fun with my new lease on life and the possibilities it is presenting for me to build my layout and model our beloved FRISCO on the level most modelers dream of. This is a GP40 I got several years ago from my late father, It started as a Rio Grande Blue Box kit and after adding Smoky Valley Handrails, and a whole bag of other details, this is the result. FRISCO 770-1.jpg
    This Engine is pretty much my business card of the work I have learned to do.
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    PS, seeing this engine on a larger scale I need to add I am still working on doing Number

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