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    A word of introduction:

    NPR’s “Car Talk” features a segment in which The Puzzler asks questions of the audience that tend to be automotive in nature, although at times, the questions explored other topics. As it turns out, The Puzzler is a Frisco fan, and I will offer a monthly question on this site. The Puzzler has several questions prepared, however, The Puzzler solicits your Frisco trivia question and will offer the best one each month.

    To get things, started here’s September’s question.

    The Jonesboro, Lake City & Eastern RR, which was purchased by the Frisco during 1925, and the Missouri & North Arkansas RR share a common thread. What is it?
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    Both served N. Ark and S. MO?
  3. The most obvious one would be Mr. W. Stephenson. I seem to recall reading in James Fair's "North Arkansas Line" that Mr. "W." was general manager of the JLC&E before becoming president and general manager of the M&NA. The online index to the Arkansas Historical Quarterly appears to confirm this -- see p. 60 of this pdf:

    I don't recall all the details from Fair's book and I don't have it on hand at the moment, but I do seem to recall that Mr. Stephenson got into trouble on the M&NA by trying to upgrade the line to secondary-mainline status at a time when its finances and local economic conditions couldn't support such improvements. Most notably, the 40-class consolidations purchased during his tenure were reportedly too heavy for the light rail, and "Stephenson's Follies" caused no end of grief to the track crews in subsequent years. (Note: I'll check and verify this tonight, and edit the comment if I'm mistaken.)

    I note that the Frisco purchased the JLC&E shortly after Mr. Stephenson's tenure ended there. I wonder if his appointment by the M&NA was thought by some to be a prelude to a similar Frisco absorption of that line?
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    Give Mr. Scott a Cohiba.

    Wellington Stephenson, Vice President and General Manager, of the J. L. C. & E was out of work after the Frisco bought the railroad. As Mr. Scott implies, it was perhaps a good thing the Frisco didn't use W. Stephenson's services. He made a bad decision with the purchase of the ex "Big Four" Consolidations. He spent heavily on the margin, and left the M. & N. A in a bad cash position. The floods of the late 20's and the crash of 1929, placed the road on the path to bankruptcy.

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    you the guy from the CAR TALK radio show? NPR isn't it?

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