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    Folks, the process to join works like this:

    1. You click to register as a member and follow through the form(s) needed to join.
    2. You receive an e-mail from us with a link to click on. What this does is confirm that the e-mail address is real and that a person is on the other end. You must click on the link to confirm or nothing else will happen.
    3. You go into the moderation queue in which I (or Keith or Chris or Mike) will take a look at the profile, check the IP address, and try to determine that the new member is bona fide.
    4. We approve the membership and you receive an e-mail telling you that you are good to go.

    Now, some people fill out the registration and then we never see or hear from them again. There could be several resasons for this.

    The most common two reasons are as follows:

    1. The e-mail did not arrive.
    2. The member lost interest.

    If the e-mail did not arrive it was probably filtered as spam at the server level, or went to a spam folder on the user's end. This is because the e-mail is sent by automation and ISP e-mail systems can detect that it was sent by automation and it may be marked as spam and killed.

    When this happens, sometimes users e-mail to say that they never got the mail. Actually, they normally tell us that the message was not sent. It was sent, but never reached the user. The messages are sent instantly when you join.

    Every few weeks I review the pending memberships and tell the system to e-mail the pending members the activation e-mail again. Sometimes we hear from people, sometimes we don't.

    We do seek to confirm all membership applications that appear to be valid and we welcome every member to participate.

    This message posted to explain the process as needed.

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    Charlie, I don't see the new member introduction as a choice of subforum, but I am a real person, particularly interested in the Phenix marble quarry that shipped rock out of Phenix on "the leaky roof" line.

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