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    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the thread for my long term layout project. My goal is to make a representation of the major parts of the Frisco System toward the end of it's operations in 1980 in HO scale. This layout will consume a 40' x 40' space in it's own building.

    If you wish to review all of the planning that went into this layout, the thread for that can be found here:

    I will work on posting a tour of the finished building later tonight, or tomorrow morning. Until then, I'll share the track plan for the layout as it currently stands. The best way to view the track plan is the pdf version, but I'll include a jpeg as well for simple viewing. If anyone want's a copy of the anyrail files, send me a dm.

    Frisco System Level 1 V1.0.jpg

    Frisco System Level 2 V1.0.jpg

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    Very impressive! (But no passenger service....)

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    Holy track plan, Batman!
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    Building tour for those that want to see

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    Yesterday, I got two runs of 2x4's glued down to make a base for the stud walls. I'm trying out the glue approach to see if I can avoid tapping lag bolts into my slab. If it doesn't come out good, I can always go back and add the lag bolts later.

    This morning, I went out and got the first stud wall put together and in place. I intend to add a few vertical supports to help stabilize the wall at some point, but I ran out of energy to work on that today.

    This will probably be the last update for a couple weeks. I think the next step will be to start ripping plywood, which will take a while

    Stud Wall.jpg
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    No trains in the background............:(
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    At the end of the stub wall and about every 10 -12' along it add diagonal bracing running from just below where the bottom of your lower benchwork joists will be down to a 2x4 foot about 18" long perpendicular to the sill plate of the wall. Do that on both sides of the wall to give it torsional lateral strength. I will try to get you some pictures to show what I am talking about when I get back to KC.
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    I had wondered about doing something like this. I was leaning toward a few braces above to the ceiling as to not interfere with foot space under the benchwork, but my gut has been telling me I'll need something like what you just described. It's a little trial and error on this part.
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