Texas Special Operations At Vinita, OK - Frisco To Katy Route Connection Inquiry

Discussion in 'Passenger Operations' started by Colorado Ray, Mar 9, 2008.

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    I'm a very new user, so please understand if I have some Frisco facts wrong.

    As a bit of background, I recently purchased an ex-Frisco Fairmont MT-14 Railway Motor Car that was used by the Western Division bridge maintenance crews. It was delivered to Tulsa in the last year of independent Frisco operations. Owning a piece of Frisco M-O-W equipment piqued my interest in the Frisco so I joined this group and have enjoyed reading the forums.

    Anyway, I was viewing 1980 era topo maps of NE Oklahoma, with particular interest on Vinita since my father lived in Vinita in the early 1920s. I understand that Vinita was where the Texas Special was handed off to the Katy.

    While looking at the track plan, It looks like the southbound Texas Special would have had to pull into the Vinita Frisco station, then back around the NW leg of the wye to get onto Katy trackage and then pull forward southbound to Texas.

    During the days of the Texas Special were there other legs of the wye that were removed prior to 1980?

    Looking at a 1995 aerial photo doesn't show any remnants of any tracks in the SE quadrant.

    Just curious if anyone knows how this was done.


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    I worked for the Frisco in the Operating Department beginning in 1964 and the Texas Special was gone a couple years I believe by then.

    However, I thought the Y was in place for a direct move as this was a hot train in competition with the Missouri pacific (MP).

    By the way I own a MT-19 from the UP, a MT-19 with a new Les King cab from I believe the CN, plus a MT-14 from an unknown railroad.
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