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    Hi. Those of you who are members of the TRRA of St Louis Historical & Technical Society likely know by now that the year 2020 issue of their annual publication is in the mail. I received my copy here in Florida today. It looks to be excellent.

    For those of you who are steam buffs, this is an issue for you. Topic is the all-time steam locomotive roster of the TRRA, including the subs such as the Wiggins Ferry Co, and the St Louis Merchants Bridge Terminal RR. All steam, no diesels! 145 pages, 8.5" x 11", soft cover. Richly illustrated with photos and diagrams, rosters, and text. Looks like a great read.

    This is issue #80 of the long list of TRRA H & T Society publications. Topics have been not just the TRRA, but also the railroads that served St Louis. Remember the excellent issues on the SLSF/MKT Texas Special and the Frisco's The Meteor? More of the same each year.

    I just finished reading the excellent issue of three years ago on the C&EI railroad. My dad was a C&EI fan, and when I was a kid, we took drives up into Illinois that always seemed to be somewhere close to C&EI's tracks!

    Price is $40. If you were a member in 2020, your cost would be $0.00. Join now and receive next year's issue at no cost.

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    I just skim read the new TRRA issue on their complete steam locomotive roster - history, details, pics and diagrams. I was not aware that the TRRA built several of their steam locomotives in their own shops(!) - 0-8-0's I think. More evidence that this is a great issue to have if you are a steam buff. TRRA has a long history as a switching railroad in the Missouri/Illinois St Louis area. No diesels in this issue!
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